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Brand Story Videos

Narrative Media specialize in creating Brand Story videos for local and international businesses. These videos are used to explain what your business does, what makes you different, and why people should buy from you.

Pictures and words are not adequate for extraordinary businesses. Brand Story videos are awesome because your future customers first impression of your business is 99% going to be online and after they watch your brand story video they will have a better understanding of your business and more likely to buy your product or visit your store.

These videos are also great for advertising and are able to go viral! You can reach thousands of potential customers through social media channels such as Facebook and Youtube. For example our video for Leyda’s in Saskatoon was able to reach +70,000 views on Facebook with only $100 of ad budget.

This results in an measurable way of evaluating the success of your campaign. You will not be able to find out accurate numbers on views/reach on such advertising platforms as BIllboards, Radio, Newspaper and Television.

Great Canadian Oil Change

Diamonds of Detroit

The right approach to food!! How kitchens should be.. Simple and delicious 😋😋

Posted by Leyda's Restaurant on Tuesday, July 25, 2017